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Karlsson 2 Points Away From 100, But Sharks Lose 6-2



Credit: Hockey Shots/Dean Tait

The San Jose Sharks welcome back the Colorado Avalanche to SAP Center for the second half of their home-and-home back-to-back. Erik Karlsson and Steven Lorentz scored, but the Sharks got pummeled 6-2.

I’m watching Jacob Peterson, Thomas Bordeleau, Fabian Zetterlund, Adam Raska, and Henry Thrun most closely tonight.

Period 1

5 in: Like that forecheck from Lorentz, took it off Byram.

6 in: Pretty give-and-go between Karlsson and Hertl, post. Then solid OZ shift by Peterson, good stick and helpful puck movement.

8 in: Good centering pass from Zetterlund to Sturm in slot.

10 in: About to get lit up high in OZ, Peterson does put it in a good place for Labanc.

9 left: Under duress behind Georgiev, Bordeleau tries a no-chance backhand pass, turnover. Think you want him to lean in and protect it best he can.

6 left: Jack Johnson doesn’t let Bordeleau get position in front.

Karlsson goal: Peterson quick to take it off Erik Johnson’s stick off the draw. Then Karlsson manages to beat three Avs in the slot to puck, that’s embarrassing.

Rantanen goal: MacKinnon, one-man breakout, blows by Svechnikov in the NZ. Then Benning vs. MacKinnon one-on-one, perhaps puck-watching, I think Zetterlund doesn’t take Rantanen encroaching in slot. Mikko untouched. Zetterlund was first forward back but peeled off to take the point, I guess. Way too easy.

2 left: Looks like a little miscommunication between Vlasic and Peterson. Vlasic surrounded by two Avs, Peterson nearby to accept soft chip, but instead, Vlasic has a harder rim to no one, turnover.

Period 2

2 in: Avs whacking away, Kahkonen holds firm. Strong start for the San Jose Sharks netminder.

Rantanen goal: Maybe the first out-and-out ugly mistake by Thrun in his fourth game. Thrun double-teamed by MacKinnon and Rodrigues forechecking, didn’t get much help, but he needed to move puck quicker. Not the day for this article lol:

Peterson, Thrun Making Case To Be on Sharks Next Year

Peterson getting some time on the kill.

MacKinnon goal: Through a ton of traffic, seeing eye off draw, don’t think Kahkonen saw it.

Rantanen hat trick: Don’t like that from Karlsson, maybe didn’t have awareness that Rantanen behind him and left-handed, he appeared to be trying to front a pass to a right-hander. Slam dunk for Mikko. Too easy again.

Reimer in for Kahkonen. I think this is to wake up the team, I wouldn’t blame Kahkonen on any of these goals?

Lorentz goal: Whoa, what a pass from Karlsson. That’s going on the highlight reel.

San Jose Sharks PP1: Karlsson-Bordeleau-Peterson-Couture-Hertl, PP2: MacDonald-Thrun-Labanc-Zetterlund-Gregor.

9 left: Nice play by Peterson, beats Toews to loose puck, then no-look pass to Hertl in front, chance. Sharks have last six shots in this period.

7 left: Looks like Peterson had trouble on exit, have to re-watch.

Meyers goal: More Karlsson giveth, Karlsson taketh away. Karlsson tries a stretch pass that’s picked off, then he plays super-aggressively to intercept puck, but Nieto pass filters through him, center lane is wide open, Meyers beats Thrun for another too easy one.

4 left: Raska got a stretch from Karlsson, one on one versus Byram, the d-man gets the best of it.

1 left: Peterson as F1 gets the best of Girard. Girard fell though, don’t know if Peterson got away with one. But hey, he won the puck.

Period 3

4 in: Raska has a little space but can’t beat MacDermid.

6 in: Karlsson to Peterson connection, doesn’t connect. Think you want the receiver there to make a good play.

6 left: Time and space, Peterson nice and soft pass to Vlasic chugging down center lane.

5 left: That’s the Bordeleau I like. Clever self-pass there, creative with purpose. Leads to Couture chance.

3 left: Zetterlund gets out for the Karlsson stretch pass, but one-on-one versus Jack Johnson, not much doing.

Now Karlsson to Labanc stretch pass. Gotta watch, but wouldn’t surprise me if Sharks flying out of zone on purpose, just get EK65 that 100. I mean, why not, what else is there to play for?

2 left: Thrun with some offensive activity there, worth a look again.

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