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San Jose Sharks

Avalanche Bury Sharks 6-0



Credit: Altitude

The San Jose Sharks visit the Colorado Avalanche at Ball Arena. No Sharks scored, but Erik Karlsson flung his helmet on the ice in a 6-0 rout.

Period 1

Makar goal: Couture had it in DZ corner, tried to go D-to-D pass to Knyzhov, but it looks like he shanks it, goes off side of net. Fire drill after that, Nichushkin makes a nifty pass over Barabanov’s stick to Toews on weakside, that opens up Barabanov, who can’t get to Makar from up high.

MacKinnon goal: San Jose Sharks win DZ faceoff, but can’t execute a simple indirect, Vlasic to Gregor. Ugly. Sharks just chasing after that, and MacKinnon takes the middle of the ice when presented.

Rantanen goal: A save would nice, but it’s also Rantanen on the 2-on-1.

3 left: That might be the first positive offensive play that the Sharks have made this period, that Karlsson stretch to Eklund.

Period 2

Oh yea, Eklund can’t do that. Going backward in NZ, easy turnover.

Nichushkin goal: One bad shift leads to another. Eklund mistake, puck goes backwards, and it stays backwards.

2 in: Awful shift from the Sharks, Hertl and company. Just hero ball, turnovers, everybody forcing offense.

Malgin goal: Reimer in, Kahkonen pulled.

7 in: Karlsson still doing Karlsson things. Beauty stretch pass to Barabanov for breakaway.

8 in: Barabanov runs interference on PP, keeps San Jose Sharks possession, then Eklund gets it in front from Karlsson, stuffs it. Good shift there.

4 left: Eklund does a good job on forecheck, cuts down distance between he and Johnson, then ties up the veteran to force a turnover for Sharks in OZ. Impressive energy and motor, in fact, I’ve probably been more impressed with that than the skill stuff so far. I take that as a good sign, because I believe the skill stuff is there. But the small things, except for that awful turnover we just saw, that will keep him in the line-up, I think, until the skill can blossom.

1 left: Both Nieto and Johnson double-team Eklund along wall, not sure if he’s being targeted in general. Saw this first game too, when Eklund got trapped on PP. Here, Eklund does a nice job skating through Nieto and keeping possession, but then Johnson able to stick it away from him. However, doesn’t get out, goes to open weakside, and Sharks have a pretty good I think Hertl chance. I think Eklund will have to better problem solve in these scenarios, pace and don’t get trapped, get the puck to the open weak side. That one was a little luck.

Period 3

Karlsson makes Cogliano look bad. Not a lot of highlights, but that’s one.

That’s an awful missed call.

Johnson to Johnsson crime: Boy, that could be more than a 2-minute penalty to me.

Reimer penalty: Well, this game has had a lot going on in it haha. Reimer gets a holding call.

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