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RETRACTION: Cole Hutson’s Height & Weight Measured by End of Combine



Credit: USA Hockey/Rena Laverty

BUFFALO, N.Y. – This was curious.

94 2024 Draft prospects came to Buffalo to measure their heights and weights, among other things, at the NHL Scouting Combine…and only 92 were actually measured, at least initially.

Defenseman Cole Hutson, USNTDP star and Boston University commit, was one of two prospects to not get his height and weight and wing span measured initially. The other was Adam Jiricek.

So what happened? Let’s try to get to the bottom of Hutson’s situation before any rumors take flight.

Hutson, Lane Hutson’s younger brother, enjoyed a banner Draft-eligible campaign, leading all USNTDP blueliners with 51 points. He capped off his year by pacing all U-18 World Junior Championships defensemen with 13 points, helping Team USA to a silver medal.

He was, however, playing through an ankle injury. So Hutson did not come to the Combine healthy.

“He went away to Montreal for five weeks, getting treatment all day and rehabbing,” Hutson’s agent Sean Coffey told San Jose Hockey Now via text. “He maybe could have done the upper-body tests, but the risk-reward profile just didn’t make sense.”

Hutson didn’t end up doing any fitness testing on Friday or Saturday.

But that still doesn’t explain why Hutson’s height, weight, and wing span weren’t recorded initially. According to the Daily Faceoff’s Steven Ellis, Hutson is 5-foot-10 and 165 pounds, but those are unverified figures.

Typically, this is what happens on Saturday, the main testing day during the Scouting Combine.

Before enduring the famous “obstacle course” of fitness tests, prospects head to the first station, which is a simple measurement of Height, Weight, and Wing Span. Hutson was not measured at this point, and was sent to his media session.

Then, prospects embark on about 20 minutes of tests, from Horizontal Jump to Bench Press to Wingate, wrapping up by going upstairs to speak with the media.

Apparently, Hutson went back downstairs after his media session to try to get his height, weight, and wing span measured.

A league source indicated that Hutson was measured at that point, though he still didn’t take any fitness tests.

UPDATE: Multiple sources confirm that Hutson measured 5-foot-10.5 and 165 pounds at the Combine.

San Jose Hockey Now has reached out to Central Scouting for their side of the story.

Coffey noted that Hutson interviewed with 14 teams at the Combine, including the San Jose Sharks.

The San Jose Sharks do have a clear need to add high-end defensive prospects to their system.

RETRACTION: The original version of this story stated that Hutson didn’t get measured on Saturday.

According to a league sources, and eventually, Hutson’s camp as well, once again, Hutson was measured by the end of the Combine.

The road wasn’t necessarily smooth getting there, but it got there.

Apologies to Central Scouting for issuing an erroneous report. 

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The Gushch is Loose



So, I watched about a quarter of the NBA Final. And it gave me more reason to appreciate hockey. The Celtics would come up the floor, space 4 or 5 guys around the perimeter. Sometimes 1 player would go to the paint area. With everybody spread, someone would go 1-on-1. Sometimes there’d be a screen, somethings not. If the player won their 1v1 battle, they either got a shot off or someone came on a double team. If the double team came, they’d move the ball until they found the open player. But because everyone was spaced out, there was… Read more »

Just Steve

I tried watching the NBA years ago and couldn’t stand it. It’s such a last quarter sport. How can you get excited about anything that happens early in the game when you know there’s going to be 30…40, even 50 more baskets by your own team.


The last quarter is brutal to watch. I was at a bar earlier this season and they had an NBA game on the big screen and the Sharks game on the small TV next to it. There was about 45 seconds left and I asked the bartender if, once the basketball game ended, they could put the Sharks game on the big screen. I said there was no reason to rush since there was probably about 10 minutes left in actual time for the game to end.

There were four commercial breaks in that final 45ish seconds.

Ricky W

You just have to be into it, it’s like baseball most people think it’s like watching paint dry but if you grew up with the game you can appreciate the art of pitching and changing speeds and locations to keep hitters off balance. It’s so situational that you can really geek out on the strategic part of it to the point where listening on the radio can be really stimulating to your imagination and brain more so than watching it… if you’re into it

Last edited 10 days ago by Ricky W

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