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8 Not Great: Sharks Lose Again, Officially Eliminated From Playoffs



Credit: NBC Sports California

The San Jose Sharks visit the United Center to take on the Chicago Blackhawks — for one team, it will be the end of an ugly losing streak. San Jose has lost seven in a row, Chicago has lost eight in a row. Timo Meier, Scott Reedy, Rudolfs Balcers, and Jaycob Megna scored, but the Sharks lost in the shootout.

Period 1

Kane goal: Burns was the last man back on a 3-on-1, but re-watch, he gets zero help. Burns’s shot is blocked high, Barabanov is in second layer, then three Sharks down low (Karlsson roaming up). Barabanov doesn’t know where the puck goes on shot block, and Burns overpursues on the blocker (Kane), but the second that puck is in question, you’d like a Karlsson (he is the defenseman here) to give up offensive positioning and track back. If not him, Meier or Hertl can take that responsibility. As play breaks down, only Barabanov tracks back hard, it’s a 3-on-2 from one zone to the another zone. That’s checked out hockey. That’s unacceptable from the three left behind. Yes, maybe Burns can play the 3-on-1 better — but it’s a 3-on-1. Dylan Strome beat four Sharks up the ice.

Meier goal: After that awful first shift though, Meier comes back with an urgent, all over the puck shift. That’s what you want to see from him. He doesn’t give up on the puck at all in this shift, definitely earned the goal.

8 left: Chmelevski dances into zone, trying to make a play, knocked off. I personally don’t think he’s been as good the last few games.

While Slot Shots aren’t bad, Blackhawks 2-1 at ES, Sharks getting killed off cycle, 6-2 Blackhawks there. Suggests they need to do a better job of killing plays.

Period 2

Bonino on PK steals it, another stick check, feeds Chmelevski in slot.

4 in: Young, ugly hockey from the San Jose Sharks. On verge of a 4-on-1, Gregor pass evades Balcers, Balcers trips over himself. I mean, it’s hard to kill a guy blowing a tire, and can’t tell how good that pass was because Balcers never had a chance, but it didn’t look great. But let’s say it emblematic of a young Sharks team that hasn’t found its way this year.

7 in: But credit to Gregor, that’s a nice wall-to-slot feed.

Reedy goal: I’ve been critical of Sasha, but that’s a nifty backhand pass from Chmelevski to Nieto. Randy Hahn confused No. 55 for Karlsson for a second, a compliment to how good a pass that was. On replay, such a good pass, not that he got it to Nieto, but the touch, Nieto can do something with it and attack.

De Haan goal: Balcers can’t get beat there. A young mistake.

Period 3

1 in: Small play, but I like Barabanov able to weave it through 4 Hawks, get it in deep. It is a dangerous play, but if you belong here, you can do it.

2 in: Sasha almost connects with Gregor attacking. I liked Chmelevski’s thinking there.

Strome goal: Ugly team defense from the San Jose Sharks. Bad Hertl turnover on entry, four Blackhawks get up ice on three Sharks. Two passes beat Meloche — he’s in a very tough spot, of course — and it looks like nobody is covering anyone in the end.

Balcers goal: I thought secret star of this goal was Megna who kept in twice, early when Hawks thought they could sky it out, and a pinch along wall later.

7 in: Ferraro does nice work as PP2 quarterback. Fake shot-pass, then keeps it in when it looked out. Like. Sort of his next step of his development, can he be a true two-way force.

Megna goal: Barabanov, especially, doesn’t give up on the puck. That’s a great effort. Along the wall, Barabanov just won’t let the 6-foot-4 Entwistle out.


Hertl-Meier-Karlsson to start.

3 left: Another Meier kick of puck to keep himself in stride.

What a save by Reimer on DeBrincat.

1 left: Liked how Meier went through McCabe (who interfered with him), still got to puck.

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