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DEV CAMP TAKEAWAYS: What Marchant & McCarthy Said About Celebrini, Smith, Other Sharks Prospects



Credit: Dean Tait/Hockey Shots

The summer’s biggest challenge for the San Jose Sharks’ top prospects wasn’t Thursday’s prospects scrimmage or this week’s development camp.

Will Smith and Quentin Musty and (hopefully) Macklin Celebrini and others are hoping to start the season with the Sharks.

Kasper Halttunen and Luca Cagnoni and others are hoping to break camp with the San Jose Barracuda, instead of returning to juniors.

This week’s development camp should be a prelude to a summer of getting bigger, stronger, and faster.

“What are we going to see when they come back? Are they going to be better than they were in development camp?” San Jose Sharks director of player development Todd Marchant asked rhetorically after the prospects scrimmage. “Because I have the [fitness] numbers. When they come back, I’m going to compare them to what they were here. They need to go up.”

It’s a simple equation, in some ways: Gym time leads to ice time.

“If they don’t, then what’s going to happen is they’re not going to be as good on the ice. And what’s going to happen is they’re gonna have to go back to junior,” Marchant cautioned. “Nobody wants to go back to junior, but you have to make it hard on us to keep you.”

Marchant and Barracuda head coach John McCarthy shared their impressions about top San Jose Sharks prospects like Celebrini, Smith, Musty, Halttunen, Cagnoni, Sam Dickinson, David Edstrom, and more.

I also shared my takeaways from development camp and the prospects scrimmage.

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What is next this year?

Sheng, do you still think we might take on a bad contract or two? Or that dream has sailed? We don’t have a lot of extra draft picks for the 2025 draft other than the Vegas pick.


Between Granlund, Ferraro, Sturm, Kunin, Bordeleau, and Gushchin, it seems the organization will have no choice but to move on from some of them this year, which would allow them to stockpile more picks if desired.
I get the feeling Grier will pivot from collecting draft picks to collecting young star players to fill out the defense, though. Even if it means losing someone like eklund, I think they have to consider it if someone like Bo byram becomes available again.


Bordeleau and Gushin don’t fit the profile Grier is building here. Sturm & Granny likely go at the TDL as long as the team isn’t in a playoff spot (unlikely but not impossible). Then I think it’ll takes at least 2nds or 1st to trade them. Still have 2 1st round picks next year that I kinda doubt they trade unless someone great under 22 years old becomes available.


They are already carrying enough dead money and over paid contract. They are a few mil over the floor so no need to waste money. They need a RD and a 3rd goalie maybe. I’m hoping for Dante Fabbro. Not a perfect solution but played top pair minutes.

James R

@Sheng – couple camp related questions:

– noticed that Guryev and Pulli were on the development camp roster but didn’t play in the scrimmage. Just curious if you knew why.
– Jack Thompson wasn’t around for camp and the scrimmage. With his AHL productivity, is he just beyond development camp? Do you see him challenging for a Sharks roster spot come camp?


The UFA s are most likely gone at the TDL:
Granlund , Kunin, Sturm, Blackwood, Ruuta,Vanacek,
Rfa, Kostin can be on the block to.
Maybe Zetterlund (but I hope not)

Thats some quality players you can get a bunch of picks for them.

Plus theres is Bordelau who can be a great trade chip later if he makes the team.
(Or just keep him)
So as Guschin.


Wouldbe amazing if the third Goalie wouldbe Askarov and after the TDL he takes the crease.


Boston is not going on the block. He’s huge and very skilled. They expect him to have a great summer and come back to challenge for a top 6 wing spot. No chance Zetterlund gets traded unless it brings back a potential superstar RD. In 2 or 3 years you would hope Zetterlund and Kostin are your 3rd line wingers with Bystedt or Endstrom centering.


“Kostin” not Boston.

Also if Blackwood plays well to start I expect him to sign an in season extension.


Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!

I’m happy for Pohlkamp. He had a great scrimmage and a really confident interview after. Going to Denver next year is going to be a perfect step for him. It won’t be easy, and nothing is going to be handed to him on Carle’s blueline, but it will be a good environment. I’m a firm believer that you have to struggle a bit to grow. Also, if he ends up playing with Buium and having a great year then the fans that wanted us to draft Buium are going to lose their minds lol


They likely won’t play together, they’re both RD.


Buium is a lefty.
But I don’t think they will be a pairing.
Maybe on the power play some times?


He must play RD? Everyone was upset the drafted another LD instead of RD Buium.


No RD was available there.
Levshunov Parkeh Yakemchuk were the RD-s.
The Buium vs Dickinson argument is more about offensive upside by Buium or more wellrounded game by Dickinson.


Weird, JD literally says something about people wanting RD in his post draft LOS podcast. Oh well, whatever. They’ll probably both be good and all things being somewhat equal, I’ll take the bigger defenseman. Worst case he’s a solid 3rd pair but obviously we all ope for much more.


Marchant has found his calling and our prospects are better for it. He realizes and embraces his role here and it is important.
These kids are in unknown situations and giving them the path to grow and be successful is incredible.

Arch Mickel

I have been following these rookie/prospect camps and news for a while, even before this more fun iteration. Remember telling a buddy Couture will be a stud. What stood out for Couture, is something that has really shown up more abundantly over the last few years. These guys sound and carry themselves like studs. Something the groups prior to them did not have a fully. I would say it is a quiet confidence, of an arrogance driven by determination more than pride. The press conferences, of this crop, even listening to Cardsy, is what fills me with excitement. That skill… Read more »


Ty Emberson filed for arbitration. His QO was 874,125 and AFP Analytics suggests he’ll get 2×1.05M, so I doubt much comes from it. Should be easy enough to sort it out.


That’s pretty standard from the player side. It ensures they’re signed by the beginning of camp.


Saw the scrimmage online, but so unfamiliar that I only focused on a few players. Pohlkamp (hope I’m spelling that correctly) was the lone upside surprise. Couldn’t help but notice him. Played like a hybrid D/F. Wasn’t so impressed with Celebrini. He had some moments, for certain, but this is a prospects game and I’d expect his talent to shine thru and that happened just once or twice before the 4 v 3 time. Was impressed with Smith, he was the only ‘might be’ NHL-ready player on the ice. Thought Graf had a nice game. He’s going to be a… Read more »


You may not know what to look for then. Celebrini took a little bit to get comfortable but he was dominant the second half of the scrimmage. Had 3 assists and almost had 3 goals. Created a ton of chances for himself and his team. Really only Smith was in the same league as him in effectiveness. Musty was close too. Yeah if you’re comparing Dickenson to Mueller and Merkley you defintely don’t know what you’re watching. He’s just raw and the lack pf physicality took away an important part of his game. It’s clear they told them no big… Read more »


You must have missed this article…

“Macklin Celebrini took a while to get going, but when he got going, he took over.”


He had 1 point before the 4 v 3. As for the history of Merkley and Mirco, I watched their scrimmages and both weren’t good. Online, people screamed at me for sharing that observation. The thing is, I never forecasted their future based on those games, just noted that each was a long way from NHL ready. They’d say things like they’re ‘just raw’, yada yada. Its not some absolute judgment, but he wasn’t good in this game. And it gave me flashbacks. The hyped d-man not playing well against prospect level competition. I take very little away from these… Read more »


Smith didn’t control the ice like Celebrini did later in the game. Smith looked good, like he may have a good pro game in him and lots of skill. Celebrini looked like a game changer by the end. It’s an embarrassment of riches having both but the ultr competitive nature of Macklin mixed with his skill level was jarring.

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