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Notes #7: Canadiens Shut Out Sharks 4-0, 1st Win in San Jose Since 1999



Period One

The San Jose Sharks start off on their heels: Minute in, Eklund can’t corral a Hertl rim in DZ, Karlsson has a chance, but bats it to the Canadiens, and Sharks are facing a 3-on-2 down low because none of the forwards are above the puck. As bad as Karlsson and Burns looked there — Burns doesn’t play the mini two-on-one pass well — they could’ve used more help.

Armia goes to box, but sequence started when Pederson off the bench did good work to cut off Perreault in NZ.

Six in: Good PP decision by Karlsson, as he carries, to not drop when two Habs converge — he holds until he’s ready.

Eight in: Nifty play by Dahlen on entry, looks to be in trouble up high, but he finesses a pass to Meier. Small plays in small areas.

Ten left: That was a fire drill, started by Simek overskating puck? It happens, but for a guy who might be close to seeing pine, not a good look.

Hoffman goal: Too many Sharks on one side of the ice. Hoffman escapes notice on weak side. I think you need the forwards to sort that out way better. Maybe effect of young center in Weatherby between two young wingers? A Cogliano might’ve helped here?

Four left: Good hustle by Gadjovich to momentarily win puck.

Three left: Again, Dahlen looking in trouble, now in DZ, two Habs converging, but able to hit Meier with a small pass to exit. Meier draws a penalty. That’s not a good one by Armia by the way. Meier about to exit, not even close to Allen. Good little plays. Dahlen’s confidence with the puck seems to be growing.

Not the PP’s finest hour: Both Weatherby and Dahlen can’t execute fairly routine-looking plays to gain the zone, unforced turnovers abound.

Period Two

Eklund has been good with time and space, but suspect in traffic this year. Not this time though. Coming up the ice, Habs pursuing, the San Jose Sharks rookie curls, makes nifty pass to Hertl.

Turnover created by Hertl and Eklund forecheck, good Karlsson read to attack puck, that draws penalty.

Five in: Those are the NZ 5v5 passes that Dahlen needs to execute 100 percent of time.

Next shift, wow, what a pass by Eklund to find Balcers in slot.

The small plays count: Hertl has a partial SH breakaway, gets caught, that’s fine, but then he throws it away to trailer. Leads to faceoff in San Jose Sharks end, Romanov pounds it in off faceoff from point. Better puck touch by Hertl, maybe the faceoff is in Montreal end.

That’s not going to keep Gadjovich in the line-up. Penalty while charging the point, Savard eludes him.

Great play by Anderson to kick puck to himself, feed Gallagher who also makes a great play to get it by Hill.

Four left: Gorgeous save by Karlsson at point. Was a PP headed to disaster though. Basic Karlsson pass on breakout too far of Hertl. Sharks lucky to recover.

Two left: Another good Eklund play in traffic. Crowded in DZ corner, he doesn’t just cough it up, he holds, makes good next play for exit. Then the rook finds Balcers again.

Period Three

The San Jose Sharks haven’t been bad, but they’re not a team with a high margin of error. Where have we heard that before?

Two in: But then Eklund loses it in neutral zone, spending too much time maybe looking for next play. There just isn’t a lot of time in NHL, eventually leads to good Montreal chances, faceoff in SJS zone. Territory loss.

A spark from the third line at 5-on-5 finally: Bonino deflects a Labanc point shot, wonder if that would’ve counted, but regardless, Allen did not look comfortable there and faceoff’s in Habs zone. Territory win.

Four in: Karlsson all over outstanding Sharks shift. Nice job forcing his way to middle of ice for more dangerous shot with subtle move. He’s been very good tonight. Good mix of positive offense and minimal negatives from risk.

Delayed reaction, but Middleton first in on Romanov after a hard but clean-looking hit on Pederson. Hey, why not, two secs left.

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