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Sharks Stampeded by Buffalo in 3rd Period, Lose 4-2



Credit: Hockey Shots/Dean Tait

The San Jose Sharks welcome the Buffalo Sabres into SAP Center. Evgeny Svechnikov got the Sharks on the board, Alex Barabanov added another, but the Sharks couldn’t overcome a Buffalo third period push and lost

Period 1

Whoops. Karlsson has left the zone, Hertl overskates in NZ, bad read by him to go for check instead of staying back, Harrington has to fend off a Sabres 3-on-1. He does, blocks the pass. Karlsson does do good job to help out on backcheck. Then Karlsson intercepts a down-low 2-on-1 later in shift. San Jose Sharks are vacating zone too early, it looks like.

1 in: Bonino, real nice find of open MacDonald.

2 in: Lindblom does a real good job closing down Dahlin at point.

Cozens goal: Ouch. Bad goal by Kaapo. Mental test now.

6 in: Soft clear, no icing, by Lindblom, smart play with touch. Though he was part of a turnover earlier when he gave Lorentz a pass with a Sabre right on top of him.

8 in: Svechnikov does good job as F1 on Clague, forces turnover. Some cycle, then MacDonald jumps but doesn’t get shot through, there’s a 2-on-1 other way. MacDonald does work hard to stay with Skinner to even up, but I’m surprised he wasn’t called for interference. Kahkonen makes big save on Thompson who makes forward defending (Lindblom) go down early.

10 in: Outstanding effort by Lorentz sans stick to body off puck carrier Okposo in NZ.

7 left: Karlsson casual yo-yos Mittelstadt.

6 left: Good read by MacDonald, looks like two Sabres watching Meier on wall, looks like Okposo doesn’t control center lane, so wide open for MacDonald to skate through for a breakaway.

5 left: Good Sturm backcheck to even up potential Sabres 3-on-2.

Svechnikov goal: Eyssimont can’t get pass over to Karlsson on 2-on-1, but he doesn’t give up on the play, finishes check on corner on Samuelsson. That pressure helps force Samuelsson to look for safety valve on other side, blind rim, but Svechnikov there to claim it, he does nice job keeping it alive along wall as Sabres converge. He goes back to MacDonald at point, MacDonald gets shot through aggressive Sabres close-out, Svechnikov bats it home.

1 left: Karlsson finds MacDonald down low, Mac has had a lot of chances since joining the Sharks. He already has five shots on goal tonight.

San Jose Sharks finish period with authority, outshooting Sabres 10-0. Last Buffalo shot was Thompson bid. 9-3 Slot Shots, 7-3 even strength, one of San Jose’s more dominant offensive periods this season, I think.

Period 2

1 in: Nice lead pass by Gregor to Bonino, but Bonino gets caught. Sharks starting off middle frame though with same zest as they ended first.

2 in: Hertl able to catch bounce Karlsson lead pass, looks like he might drop it on entry (bad decision?) then skates it behind and finds Labanc. Solid sequence, Sharks finding soft spots.

Power goal: Labanc had a chance to get it in past center, doesn’t. Do think he could’ve moved his feet more, made a stronger play up wall or a soft dump up middle deep. Not a good play. Power gets behind Ferraro, who misses on high-to-low pass. That pass was also touched by Skinner up high too. Buffalo has two goals on six shots, obviously can’t blame Kahkonen for this one, but Cozens goal may loom large.

9 in: Outstanding work by Bonino on forecheck to swipe it from Olofsson, good chance. He’s such a smart, good player, which he had that extra step or so he used to have. He will make a contender a really good fourth-liner, I think. A guy you win with.

9 left: Hertl does outstanding job down low on Girgensons. One on one, takes the puck, gives it to Meier. That’s the Tommy that we know.

Barabanov goal: Eyssimont does good work to occupy Samuelsson in front, that allows Barabanov, who beats a lax Thompson, to the front for a slam dunk. Not sure if Mikey got an assist, but he deserved one.

4 left: Kahkonen hasn’t seen a lot of action, but when he has, usually good chances. Looks like he does a good job here of staying in the blue paint.

2 left: Sharks PK all over Sabres so far. Couture gets a stick on Olofsson up high. Puck goes out. Great effort. Then Sturm doesn’t give up on puck after his offensive attack snuffed out, able to cause turnover, Lorentz shot. Sharks with more shots than Sabres here.

1 left: Barabanov does real nice job outmuscling Jokiharju along wall for puck in DZ. Kills the play. We’re seeing more of a defensive element in AB’s game this year, a greater commitment, I think, and a guy using his strength in more than just OZ.

Period 3

Big stop by Kahkonen on Krebs penalty shot. Meier caught puck watching, Benning can’t make up ground?

3 in: Karlsson loses it in a dangerous place, middle of ice NZ, Sabres 3-on-1, another Kahkonen stop. Sabres pressing, can Sharks slow them down. Buffalo needs this game. Shots were 23-7 Sharks at one point, 28-21 now.

6 in: Always like Karlsson’s sense of urgency, Meier has a second open, Karlsson quick to get it up, he has a good sense of that. Meier can’t do much with it, but not a lot of d-man can read and execute at Karlsson’s speed.

8 in: Karlsson makes a smart interception of lead pass to not sure which Sabres forward, but then misses his own lead pass to spring Sharks breakaway. Takeaway then giveaway. Karlsson looks to sky in frustration. But then makes a good defensive play.

Skinner goal: Broken play. Good job by Thompson though on forecheck on Ferraro, puts puck in front. MacDonald looks bad as last man around, but I don’t blame him for that, loose puck, bounces off Kahkonen, MacDonald naturally goes for it. Good stick by maybe Thompson to slide it over. Great shift by him.

10 in: Oh man, Barabanov and Eyssimont have a sliver of daylight on 2-on-1. Not blaimng Mikey, he’s defended well, earnest player, but that’s the kind of play, you get puck to agood place on consistent basis, make that next play, you’ve got a long NHL career. Heart is great, but need a little more to play permanently in top-six.

8 left: Gregor uses his speed on FC, wraparound chance.

5 left: Power just walls off Eyssimmont, impressive for teenager. Then Benning tries a little too much walking down from point, he’s gotta simplify there, Kahkonen bails him out.

4 left: Gregor again causes chaos, Luukkonen can’t handle his shot, rebound, leads to Bonino slot deflection chance.


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