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UPDATED: Sharks Trade Burns to Canes



Credit: Sammi Silber

The San Jose Sharks and Carolina Hurricanes, reportedly, are close to a deal that would send Brent Burns to Carolina.

According to Elliotte Friedman and Pierre LeBrun, there are several players involved.

Burns has three years left on his contract with an $8 million dollar AAV. He also has a three-team trade list which doesn’t include the Hurricanes, so this deal must be approved by Burns himself.

It’s San Jose Hockey Now’s understanding that Burns actually had Carolina on his trade list — LeBrun has the details of the trade.

We’re still trying to track down the conditions of the pick.

The 37-year-old defenseman has been heavily involved in trade rumors since the end of the off-season. He’s still a highly productive all-situations player – he led San Jose Sharks defensemen with 54 points and topped the NHL in minutes played – and it made sense that he might want to chase a Stanley Cup elsewhere. The Sharks have missed the playoffs in three straight seasons.

Burns didn’t exactly throw cold water on the notion in his May exit interview, when asked directly about going to another team to chase the Cup: “It’s definitely tough when you lose three years, not making the playoffs. I think everybody feels that way, whether they’re young or older.

“At the end of the day, that’s what we all play for. I’ve been in the league long enough to know that, when you’re doing these meetings at this time, there’s a lot of changes that happen, that need to happen.

“A lot of changes are going to happen here. When you’re looking for a new general manager, there’s a lot of things on the table. So I don’t know.”

Burns on What Boughner Did Right, If He Wants to Chase Cup Elsewhere

New San Jose GM Mike Grier said last week that it was up to Burns if he wanted to stay or go: “He’s been here a long time. He’s been a great Sharks player. I’ll let him kind of lead the way a little bit on that, go off his lead.

“As a former player myself, as you get older, you want to keep that competitive fire burning. And what keeps that burning is the chase for the Cup and winning.

“Depending on the conversation, if it is something where he says he wants to go somewhere and try and win, I get it.

“We all play to win. We all play to lift that trophy. As you get older, you start to see the end of the line. I would understand if that’s the route he wants to go.”

Trade Burns? New Sharks GM Grier Doesn’t Shut Down Speculation

Burns, if he agrees to leave the San Jose Sharks, would depart as the franchise’s highest-scoring defenseman with 594 points from 2012 to 2022. He won the Norris Trophy in 2017, was a finalist in 2016 and 2019, and became one of the most popular and recognizable players in the NHL while in San Jose.

Trading Burns would create a lot of cap flexibility but also leave a huge hole on the Sharks’ blueline and in fans’ hearts.

Burns is represented by agent Ron Salcer.

More on this story as it develops.

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This breaks my heart to pieces in one way but I can watch him play still as it’s just a 3 hr drive – I use to drive 3 hrs each way when I lived in California to watch the Sharks. I’d go to every home game 6hr round trip – so yes I am a true Sharks fan. I know things have to change but not this change. However, if Grier said he was giving Burns the lead on this then this is what Burns wants – he may not have been happy with the way they treated Boughner… Read more »


KE, I know you and I both like Burns. But I’m happy Burnzie might get a shot at a cup before he retires. It’s highly unlikely he’ll have that opportunity in San Jose over the next couple of years. He’s a true professional and I’m sure he’s seen lots of turmoil and locker room challenges over his 18 seasons. Bougie’s departure probably wasn’t the key factor, even if he wasn’t a fan. Time to give EK some grace and hope he stays healthy next season. He was the best overall D man for the Sharks while he was on the… Read more »


Don’t believe the lie about masks – don’t want to turn this into political but I don’t post anything that isn’t factual. What people need to know is that if you got any injections you just need to pay attention more to one’s health.

I don’t like Karlsson he is a locker disturber. Look for some other Sharks that just may ask for a trade. Couture?

Burns is a big fan of Boughner.




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david barnard

if that’s the trade return on Burns it’s paltry considering the Sharks are retaining as well.


agree. Don’t like the retention part. A team can only have 3 at any time and I can easily see them needing to use all of them — and more — in the next year or two.

Ty Comes

Not a good trade return for the asset that is Burns…

Flavor Flav

What is the condition of the 3rd rounder? They placing a 2nd round value on the goalie, Makiniemi, coming back? With the 33% salary retained by SJ, I figured Burns only costing Carolina $5.3mil/yr should be worth more than this return. If they get a 3rd rounder back (conditional), it’ll be a low 3rd if it’s not the Flyers 2023 3rd rounder they got in the DeAngelo trade (or can conditional picks only be the team’s pick, not one they received in a prior trade?). Lane Pederson and Steve Lorentz cancel each other out as 4th liners..well, Lorentz probably better… Read more »


My guess is the Burns deal was done quickly because there are more plans in the works. Hold on tight.

Flavor Flav

I have to say that SJ seems like they’ve been going about their goalie acquisition strategy a bit backwards the past few years. They’re giving up too high a draft capital for unproven, but somewhat promising goalie prospects (e,g, 2nd rounder for Adin Hill) in a market where perhaps the dearth of quality goaltenders is creating an inflated asking price for even unproven commodities. And while SJ needed to get something in their pipeline, they’ve got plenty of time to land a goalie or two before they’re even competitive again. If they maximized their return on trades in terms of… Read more »


Fair comment. Throw enough at the wall and maybe something sticks. Goalie has been an issue forever. Nabby was the last stud goalie, but even he had issues come the playoffs.

david barnard

actually ended up retaining $2.72M (34%).

david barnard

now they can announce they’re paying Timo a bazillion and sign their remaining pending RFA’s.


Timo is the $10million question. Why would he stay in SJ? I got no good answer to that question. I’m wondering if Hertl is already regretting his decision to re-sign instead of go FA.

david barnard

easy to solve for Hertl at the TDL.

david barnard

year 1 of Sharks rebuild in progress…

mission: get younger, shed salaries/cap hit. MG is Locked On!


they are not rebuilding

david barnard

Benning’s the longest signing so far. they’re all low cost adds. they’re moving the players they can right now. why wouldn’t you classify this as a rebuild? they certainly aren’t competing with these moves. they kept MEV, when a b/o would’ve meant they were going to make real improvement type moves. trading Burns wasn’t a “compete now” move. unless i’m failing to read sarcasm in your comment, i don’t get it.

timorous me

Exactly. I think sometimes things can be misconstrued these days–like if a team isn’t completely tearing things down and tanking, then they’re not rebuilding. The fact is, with the situation Grier inherited, and the desires of his boss/concerns about fan support, there’s a limit to what he could do.

I certainly don’t like every move he’s made, but again, he’s operating in a difficult situation. Not every team can have Johnny Gaudreau magically chose to go to your subpar, rebuilding team.


What’s up Sheng? You didn’t approve the comment because I kiddingly said at the end that Mike Grier sucked. Did you not get that was a joket? That’s too bad. There was actually a lot good stuff in that comment. SJ is getting poor returns because they keep losing leverage in an inflated value goalie market for unproven commodities with every dart at the board they throw. I think they need to be building their forward and d-corp first. They can always pursue a more established goalie at a later point when they get closer to contention. Otherwise, they’re going… Read more »

david barnard

SP, any details on contracts with: Lorentz, Nutivaara, and Benning?

david barnard

nvm. $1.5Mx1 Nutivaara and $1.25M Benning. Lorentz is an RFA, so prob get done later.

Last edited 29 days ago by david barnard
David Gotlieb

benning is 4 years….. why…

david barnard

really? where did you see that? Puckpedia has it at 1-yr deal.

david barnard

nvm they’ve updated it to 4 years.

Bob D

I really cannot understand all of the criticism of Grier’s moves this week. This guy is a breath of fresh air in this ridiculous organization. I never realized how many morons were under the spell of DW. Grier has been totally transparent so far, and it has been great. He said he wants to get bigger and tougher, and he has begun to take those steps. In case nobody noticed, the sharks sucked. Nobody on that roster should be scared, including Burns. They were a soft and lazy team, who may play hard occasionally, but this is the DW legacy.… Read more »


I’m not seeing too much criticism of Grier. The only thing most agree on is the return for Burns seems low. To assume that anyone who thinks the return for Burns being low translates to them being a moron who was completely supportive of Doug Wilson and under his spell is quite the presumptuous conclusion to reach. I wasn’t a big fan of DW, and certainly not the moves he made since they played in the cup final in 2016. But, as I was neither absolutely critical nor absolutely supportive of DW’s moves, I am neither going to be 100%… Read more »

david barnard

i don’t believe any GM would’ve taken Burns w/o retaining some portion of his contract. that said, the return should’ve been better. they got him for almost nothing, which was DAL’s insulting offer from what i’ve read.

david barnard

Sharks: “it’s not a rebuild” MG is making low key moves to put youngish/experienced, highly competitive, physical, low cost, players around his top young rookie talent while shedding expensive older players. this is how you do a rebuild. keep in mind MG had no part in re-signing Hertl. that was a mistake the previous admin made. he can’t really move MEV, EK65, or even LC. KL will be gone soon. Simek as well. and 1 of their goalies too. Ferraro’s not gonna get a huge payday. at 25, Timo’s still probably a part of Grier’s plans, but he could move… Read more »

Last edited 29 days ago by david barnard
Bob D

Mostly agree with that. As far as “low-key“ moves, what else can he really do with this roster? Everyone in the league knows they don’t have much leverage, or real desirable assets. I hope you are correct in that he can get a haul for Timo, but I have a feeling that’s not gonna work out, especially if he has another weak year(not last year).

david barnard

they cleared enough cap space to go after a single, expensive player, but Grier didn’t.

Bob D

Would it make a difference at this point? They aren’t going to win much. Keep the space and see what happens as this summer and the fall develops.

david barnard

prob not, that’s why i am largely approving of MG’s moves so far. i think these guys are all on relatively short/low cost deals as well, which is smart for the incoming talent. they’ll circle back on MEV b/o when it’s more pressing. LC might be a Sharks lifer, or he might re-think moving on in a year or two. i doubt EK65 will find a team willing to take his cap hit on even if he wanted to leave. he certainly won’t leave money on the table by agreeing to a mutual contract termination and buying him out is… Read more »


Can move EK65 if you retain 50%. He isn’t worth $11.5m, but he’s easily worth $5.75m.

david barnard

Sharks already have a little over $5M in dead cap. you want to keep adding on to that?

david barnard

he’s had 2×30+goal seasons, and 2×20+goal seasons, out of say 5.5 seasons with the Sharks. he had 1 season where his play-driving numbers took a dip, but he’s been rather consistently a top play-driver for the Sharks. i’m pretty sure the league sees him as a stud.


I think Grier had a pretty mediocre week. Retaining $$ for Burns was likely a necessity, but the return was really modest. If they were going to retain, retain 1/2 and get a higher draft pick for it. Trading the 11th overall for 27, 34 and 45 isn’t great. But when I looked at how thise numbers matched up over about a dozen years, the 11th pick won out. Not by a ton, but it was overall better. Thing is, the wins for the 3 lower picks all came with d-men (John Carlson, Jeff Petry) and the team went with… Read more »

david barnard

i think he might’ve actually swayed Hasso on the compete now or rebuild thing. they haven’t been/still aren’t really committed to “winning now”, so more treading water (and if you’re standing still, you’re really falling behind). i kind of see what Grier might be trying to do here. he wants a tougher, more “competitive” (not on skill but on grit), low cost/low term team to surround his young talent with, which makes sense to me. none of these guys are going to be hard to move/replace when their up and coming young stars are ready to take on significant roles… Read more »


fwiw, think the Sharks will be better off if they try to move Labanc close to the trade deadline. He’s coming off a lost season and his value, especially with his cap hit, won’t be much. But if he puts up a decent season, it’ll be a lot easier to move him. Its one thing to pay him for 2 full years, but paying him for 1.3 seasons and 2 full playoffs is a lot easier to swallow for an acquirer

david barnard

prob right.

david barnard

i’ll also say this, IF he returns to form in the first half, he can convince a lot of people that Bob misused him and didn’t give him enough trust to right his game by playing him with better players. his most frequent LM’s were Bonino and Nieto early, Weatherby and Gadjovich later before getting shutdown due to injury. those players all had trouble putting the puck in the net.

Travis Bailey

Are the conditions of the pick just that it’s the lower one between Philadelphia and Carolina? Or will it be a higher pick with a deep playoff run?

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