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Sheng’s Daily: Sharks to Start Regular Season in Arizona?



Credit: Kyvuh (CC BY-SA 4.0)

So much good stuff in this interview with former San Jose Sharks goalie Nolan Schaefer. Here’s but a taste: Schaefer, who’s now VP at Clear Sight Analytics, shares some proprietary stats on what the Sharks did much better defensively in 2018-19 as opposed to 2019-20. He also tells a hilarious story on how Evgeni Nabokov changed his life and a more heart-warming one on how his San Jose teammates helped him propose:

Nolan Schaefer on How Evgeni Nabokov Changed His Life, Talks Clear Sight Analytics

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In other San Jose Sharks news…

Not just training camp — the San Jose Sharks will reportedly begin the regular season in Arizona. The Sharks, however, wouldn’t confirm this. (AP)

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