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Karlsson Up to 95 Points, Gregor Hat Trick, Sharks Run Over Coyotes 7-2



The San Jose Sharks visit the Arizona Coyotes at Mullett Arena. Noah Gregor, Jacob Peterson, and Kyle Criscuolo gave the Sharks a 3-0 first period lead, and Danil Gushchin, Noah Gregor, Logan Couture, and Noah Gregor got the rout going for a 7-2 victory.

Period 1

1 in: Welcome to the NHL. Gushchin had the puck in the high slot, first touch, looking to do something, taken off his stick by Brown.

Gregor goal: Sturm forecheck takes it off McBain, then Sturm hits Gregor in the slot. Great work by Sturm. That looked like a too casual play by McBain, I’ll just leave it in front of myself, it’ll be there when I want it. Sturm too quick for that.

3 in: Karlsson very aggressive pinch, does Bordeleau need to back up more assertively? Vlasic covers Karlsson’s side eventually, but it’s a 2-on-1 with Bordeleau back.

6 in: Good D anticipation by Bordeleau there though, to pick off that pass high.

Gushchin follows with his first genuine NHL chance. Gushchin finds a soft spot, great find by Hertl.

7 in: Fischer tracking Thrun hard on forecheck, Thrun able to move it, but it is a struggle.

San Jose Sharks PP1 is Karlsson-Peterson-Hertl-Couture-Bordeleau.

Peterson goal: Quick release by Peterson in high slot. Looks like Boyd lost his stick. Another Karlsson point.

10 in: Thrun first pass isn’t easy for Labanc to handle, but he gets another chance, soft pass to Labanc, gives Labanc a chance for a smart chip forward that Bordeleau can skate into.

8 left: Back to back good Thrun plays in OZ. Confident, head up, knows what he’s doing.

Criscuolo goal: Good for the 29-year-old, his first NHL goal! 15 NHL games previously, going back to 2017 with Sabres.

6 left: Gushchin can’t get it out along wall.

5 left: Mackey looks like Labanc’s man? Labanc takes a penalty trying to recover.

2 left: Small plays like that look “very NHL” by Thrun. D-to-D pass to Simek, backhand feather right where Simek can easily move it. He’s got touch.

Period 2

To start on PP, Bordeleau does great job digging out puck off faceoff, beating Coyote on him to get it back to point.

Gushchin goal: PP2 is MacDonald-Gushchin-Gregor-Zetterlund…not sure the fifth guy, because Karlsson still out there. What a shot from Gushchin! Another EK65 assist!

Thrun completes that PP unit.

5 in: Nice find by Zetterlund, sees MacDonald all alone in slot.

9 in: Thrun again plays it cool to get it over to Simek, contributes to an easy exit.

5 left: What a wall to center of the ice move by Hertl, whoa. That’s elite. Sets up Simek.

4 left: Fantastic near-pass from Bordeleau to Gushchin. Love the touch and thinking.

Great job by Criscuolo, chip and chase, tripped and draws a penalty.

3 left: What a Bordeleau pass on PP, between the legs, to Couture net front.

Period 3

Disallowed Hayton goal: San Jose Sharks luck out, insofar as coverage gets scrambled when an overaggressive Simek takes Thrun’s man in the corner. I don’t know too if you want to see a meaner Thrun really take down Hayton. But anyway, disaster averted.

Gregor goal: Good for Gregor! Makes the defensive play on Keller, leads rush with Sturm, then fires it off Coyote. Also snaps this streak!

Couture goal: Karlsson up to 94 points.

Gregor goal: Holy shit haha. If I tweeted out “Gregor hat trick” on today of all days, I know how the interwebs would’ve reacted. Good for Noah!

Also a Karlsson assist? Up to 95 points.



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