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Sharks Dominate, But Lose in Shootout Again



Credit: Hockey Shots/Dean Tait

The San Jose Sharks welcome back the Anaheim Ducks into SAP Center, after taking them on last Tuesday night. Kevin Labanc started the scoring off for the Sharks, Timo Meier, Luke Kunin, and Tomas Hertl scored,

Period 1

1 in: Couture line on their toes on forecheck to start, like last game.

Labanc goal: Benning zone entry denial of (of course) Zegras leads to Labanc and Meier 2-on-1. Labanc needed a bounce bad.

Beaulieu 10-9 over Gadjovich. Close though. Beaulieu fought Kunin last game.

6 in: Labanc lays a perfect pass to Hertl who returns to Labanc, who hits the post.

Took Ducks about 9 minutes to register their first shot.

10 in: Stolarz should be called for that, that looked like an unforced push off of net to me.

9 left: Could watch that Karlsson backhand exit pass up middle. Only dangerous if not handled by a master!

Leason goal: Looks like Meier rotates too slow on Leason. Just Anaheim’s second shot of the game. That’s tough. But that’s the game, you make one mistake, you can play a perfect period otherwise, you give one up. A couple turnovers by Hertl there too, first trying to cross OZ, then trying to get it out when he had the chance.

4 left: Lorentz does a nice job staying with tricky Terry up top.

Comtois goal: Wow. San Jose Sharks have made about two mistakes in this period, and they both ended up in the back of their net. Looks like Nieto should’ve recognized Comtois, stayed with him, instead of taking Vlasic’s man. Between the two, someone needed to take Comtois.

1 left: Sturm just on top of Benoit on forecheck.

Karlsson draws a call, good foray down low.

A different kind of adversity for the San Jose Sharks tonight. Play phenomenal, outshoot Ducks 21-4, somehow down a goal. Keep it up, they should be fine.

Period 2

2 in: Good set-up by Labanc. He’s been good tonight.

4 in: Might be Ducks’ first sustained OZ shift tonight.

5 in: Good grind shift down low from Lorentz, Gadjovich, and company.

Good zone entry denial by Ferraro right after goal, makes up for Simek perhaps overcommiting.

Kunin goal: Looked like I think Berlin there. Kunin heads straight to the net, and the puck, which seems to have had something personal with Hertl all night, goes straight in.

Nieto rewarded with some PP time with Meier in the box, Labanc elevated.

Fantastic response period by Sharks after what could’ve been crushing first period. But it’s still just a one-goal lead, have to rinse and repeat.

Period 3

Don’t like that Meier pass up the middle of DZ. Eat the puck there. Pass to no one, doesn’t blow up in San Jose Sharks’ face.

3 in: Looks like Stolarz pushed Gadjovich out of blue paint, then Gadj and Benoit went at it. Could’ve given goalie another penalty there, though granted, Gadj slashed back.

Hertl goal: Hertl’s first since opening night, 12-game slump.

Maybe Labanc has found a home with Hertl? Were good together vs. Florida too. Barabanov has looked pretty good with Couture tonight and for a lot of their time together, so are we finally looking at the makings of a functional top-6 in San Jose?

7 left: Good effort by Sturm to step in front of attempted Ducks outlet. Sharks playing with pride here, they just keep going.

McTavish goal: It’s a breakaway after penalty, but you need a situational save from Reimer at some point. Haven’t gotten that tonight. But in fairness, he’s bailed Sharks out so much over last two years, it’s time that the Sharks returned the favor.

Oh wow. Looks like Benning doesn’t tip up Henrique.


Hertl-Meier-Karlsson to start.

Kunin-Labanc-Simek in OT, haven’t seen that.


Awkward celebration from Bonino haha, he’ll get razzed for that I guess.



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