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BREAKING: Sharks Acquire Adin Hill



The San Jose Sharks have a new goalie.

The Sharks have acquired Adin Hill and a 2022 seventh-round pick from the Arizona Coyotes for Josef Korenar and a second-round pick.

Details of this trade were first reported by Kevin Kurz, John Gambadoro, and Elliotte Friedman.

The timing of this trade is critical: At 12 PM PT today, there will be a roster freeze on trades, waivers, and signings. At 2 PM, teams have to turn in their expansion draft protection lists.

The San Jose Sharks will protect Hill and expose Martin Jones, while Arizona will protect Darcy Kuemper and expose Korenar.

There were rumors about Kuemper being the Coyotes goalie on the move, but he remains with the Coyotes…for now.

As for the San Jose Sharks, is Hill the first of two goalies that they intend to acquire? Historically, the 25-year-old RFA has been a successful back-up — he’s played 13, 13, and 19 games over the last three seasons.

Or does Hill’s expected low cost — he made $800,000 in 2020-21 — make it possible for the Sharks to trot out a Hill-Jones combination next year?

Jones is making $5.75 million per over the next three years and is a buyout candidate.

Hill’s price tag could also help create more cap space for the San Jose Sharks to be bigger players in the UFA market.

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Welcome to Team Teal, Adin!!
A lot of grumbling over this move already. That pick is next year. Plenty of time to recoup. This kid seemed to beat us every time. Weaken the opponent. Bright side, yeah??

Last edited 4 months ago by Alaskan_ice
david barnard

DW keeps kickin’ the can down the road. feel sorry for the next GM of this franchise.

david barnard

yeah, and he’ll have more 6th/7th round draft picks to finally start the rebuild!


I am disgusted and disappointed by this trade. Doug Wilson has already destroyed the little remaining optimism I had heading into this offseason with this moronic move.

david barnard

my first reaction was, WTF? a 2nd round pick next draft is equal to a 1st round pick this draft (assuming relative pick position is similar). essentially DW did the MJ 2.0 thing again. that’s an expensive trade for a 1B at best. SP brings up the ability for the Sharks to keep MJ w/o a costly buyout. rumor/discussion around the league is that DW has been busy privately trying to move big contracts out of SJ. this move would be a hedge, keeping both the “compete now” and “stealth tank/rebuild” roads on the table. still an overpayment in my… Read more »

timorous me

I’m going to hope that it does still mean a buyout for Jones, and that with Hill under contract at a reasonable cost (I hope), they’d have room for not only a 1B in net (let’s just say Bernier, as an example) AND money for a good 3C and…well, that might leave them enough for someone else who could slip in as a top six forward, like a possibly-undervalued Tomas Tatar. It’s not like any of this stuff could get the Sharks a Cup, but if Doug is desperate to compete at least for a playoff spot, possibly in order… Read more »

JC Rodrigo

Agree. Still hoping for expose / buyout situation for Jonesy.

david barnard

the cost was what i was going to write about next. i read he was looking at north of $4M per (but under the “walk away” figure of $4.5M) in arbitration with the Coyotes, and that was 1 reason they were willing to let him go. if he costs $4M per that will all but do away with a 3C that costs more than $2-3M AND get a good backup in FA. Jones showed he could string together a few good/great starts before collapsing. perhaps DW keeps him on as a spot starter in b2b’s and regular starts to keep… Read more »

Last edited 4 months ago by david barnard
timorous me

I see Sheng says not to read too much into it, so…phew. Still holding out hope here.

$4MM seems like A LOT for Hill’s experience, but I expect the worst when it comes to DW and contracts, so we’ll see.

david barnard

i believe PuckPedia had the arbitration “walk away” figure at 4.538M (where teams can walk away from an arb award any higher). the comparable was Jordan Binnington’s 2-yr deal extension at 4.4M per after 33 reg season GP, and 26 playoff GP. granted he won the SC and made the All-Rookie team. Brian La Rose of Pro Hockey Rumors was projecting Nedeljkovic’s contract (not Hill’s like i thought). i guess i conflated the two, but i do see CAR’s netminder as a comp to Hill, based on career trajectory (like Binnington as well). Nedeljkovic has 29 reg. season GP (throw… Read more »

david barnard

i’ll split the difference with you, buddy! 3.4Mx3 seems reasonable to expect from a DW signing of this player considering what was given up.

david barnard

Hill’s QO is $840k, but he’s arbitration eligible. i’m sure the Sharks won’t want to get into that and will look to sign him to a multi year deal under $4M per.

JC Rodrigo

If the Sharks were planning to draft a goalie in either of the next two seasons, Hill is basically coming in as one of those picks with guaranteed NHL experience. With his age and salary trajectory, he shouldn’t tie us up like Jones, and leaves us to focus on drafting other positions. Not a bad play at all. Also, definitely helps that ARI is moving to the central.

Last edited 4 months ago by JC Rodrigo
david barnard

unless he’s got elite identified talent, in which case he’d go in the 1st round, you generally don’t pick up “also ran” goalies that high. the earliest i’d think would be the 3rd round on a 2nd tier goalie prospect.

Jack Meers

seems the wrong time to overpay in draft capital for a potential ‘never been a’ starter…if you’re going to retool on the fly instead of rebuild as DW says they’re doing, one would think you shouldn’t be giving up high 2nd picks (probably top 40 pick) for a backup (to this point) in goal..maybe, if this guy were under contract for a few years at a low cap hit, but what is Hill looking to get in his new contract since he’s an RFA…3mil/yr +? Isn’t this a buyer’s market for goalies this summer with a lot of options that… Read more »

david barnard

i think that pick has a good chance of being very early in the 2nd, like 33-36 range. that’s a deep draft. that’s like giving up a mid-late 1st round pick this draft for Hill. seems like a panic move from DW. he’s been catching heat for sitting pat with Jones since 18-19 season, when the Sharks might’ve won a SC with better netminding. to SP’s point, i believe SEA was looking at either Hill or Driedger (perhaps both) to take in the expansion draft. ARI should’ve been highly motivated to get something for him rather than lose him for… Read more »

Last edited 4 months ago by david barnard
david barnard

despite the solid relationship/trust built up between them, DW has to be feeling some kind of pressure from Hasso to right this ship. “panic” prob not the right descriptor (“motivated” might be more apt). i spoke of the “target lock” factor of DW as well in another comment. Hill was the backup to the backup on a mediocre team. netminding was supposed to be a strength of said team, but it didn’t exactly work out that way for them this season. not sure how much other interested parties were offering, but ARI couldn’t expect as much as they got out… Read more »


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