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What I’m Hearing on Day 1 of Draft: Sharks Rebuilding…Next Year?



Credit: AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

MONTREAL — Here’s a running diary of what I’m hearing about the San Jose Sharks on Day 1 of the NHL Draft.

10:58 PM

BREAKING: Sharks Pick Filip Bystedt at No. 27

9:11 PM

8:36 PM

BREAKING: Sharks Trade No. 11 for Three Picks

7:25 PM

Another source has indicated that the Sharks really like WHL defenseman Denton Mateychuk. That would seemingly be a reach at No. 11, so is a trade back scenario possible? Right now, the Sharks’ next pick after No. 11 is 76, so this could be a good way for San Jose to also get into the second round. They had a second-round pick, no. 43, but they traded it last summer to Arizona for Adin Hill.

6:47 PM

6:40 PM

My source still likes Savoie to the Sharks.

6:15 PM

Three weeks ago, Bill Daly talked to San Jose Hockey Now about the Evander Kane situation.

Bill Daly on Why Sharks-Kane Don’t Find New Arbitrator, Potential Settlement

For better or worse, nothing has changed on this situation from what I can gather. Daly suggested that the Sharks and Kane should settle but there’s “nothing at all” there at the moment, according to one highly-placed source.

That could change quickly though: The Draft is a great place for Kane’s agent Dan Milstein to meet up with Grier, and free agency begins on Jul. 13. There should be motivation on both sides to get something done. The Sharks need cap clarity and Kane could use certainty about his status as a UFA.

4:03 PM

One player agency fully expects San Jose Jr. Shark defenseman Garrett Brown to be selected on Day 2. Former San Jose Sharks forward and current TV personality Curtis Brown is his father. The Browns, however, aren’t in Montreal, Curtis didn’t want to put the cart before the horse.

2:48 PM

A source is telling me that based on how he’s projecting the Draft will fall, look for the San Jose Sharks to select Matthew Savoie with the No. 11 pick.

Keep in mind that while this is a trusted industry source who’s on site in Montreal, talk is everywhere right now.

2:18 PM

Source: “I’m hearing ownership wants to try and win still before tearing down. Like try it for a year with Grier.”

That’s a fascinating tidbit. We know that the San Jose Sharks aren’t re-building right now. But could another year out of the playoffs finally force Hasso Plattner to admit what the industry has believed for the last two years, that the Sharks need to go into at least a soft rebuild?

July 6

Mike Grier Remembers Bryan Marchment

New San Jose Sharks GM Mike Grier spoke just with local media on a couple topics yesterday.

On the Sharks’ trajectory:

“It was all talked about throughout the process. You have to be somewhat realistic. I think when you watch the playoffs, there is a certain level you need to get to be in the playoffs and play at that level and compete at that level. At the moment, I’m not sure if we’re there yet. I won’t rush to try and get us there, either. I think you can really get yourself in trouble if you’re shortsighted and take the short view and bypass the big picture. I think that’s what gets people and teams in trouble — they think short term without having an eye on what’s down the road.”

On expanding the player development and analytics departments:

“We’re basically going to try and add a whole player development department. In the past, John McCarthy was kind of doing it as a one-man show, but the way it is now, it is tough for one person to do…We’re going to add some analytics, and we will add to our staff itself, the inner circle so to speak. We are going to expand and try to get the best hockey people possible.”

Grier alluded to at least 2-3 in each department for new development and analytics hires.

Grier, on hiring a senior advisor:

“I’m kind of open to everything. I have people in mind. Joe knows the organization inside and out. He’s been Doug’s right-hand man for a long time. He’s definitely been great, just where we are now and having someone to bounce stuff off of. I don’t necessarily feel like I need a real senior person around me. If that happens to work out, great. If it doesn’t, it’s fine.”

Assistant general managers Joe Will and Tim Burke have basically been with the San Jose Sharks organization since its inception.

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