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Postgame Notes #48: Sharks Snap 8-Game Losing Streak, Beat Coyotes 6-4



Credit: Sheng Peng

Period 1

Gregor goal: Good Karlsson stretch pass to Leonard gets things going.

3 in: Good job by Leonard to chase down Lyubushkin trying to break out. San Jose Sharks are nimble on their feet to start.

It feels like Balcers has had some trouble with penalties recently. Will have to look into it, but maybe a recent dip in his play.

Karlsson’s feet look better so far tonight, attackers not taking him to the outside as routinely as usual.

After first PK, looks like Korenar lucked out there. Bit too hard on Larsson behind net. Korenar far behind play as Larsson circles to the other side.

That’s a fantastic stretch pass by Burns through 3 Coyotes. Kids, don’t try it at home, but something that a Burns can pull off. Sets up first San Jose Sharks PP.

Didn’t see it there, but I’ll guess they’re going to try to set up right-hander Blichfeld at left dot for one-timer, Burns up top, Karlsson playmaking off right wall?

9 left: Nice Viel pass to himself with Lyubushkin crowding him behind net. Makes some space for himself.

3 left: That’s the obvious stuff that got Gregor stapled to bench before. He’ll get a chance to work through it now though. But breaking it out, he tries to pass through 2 Coyotes in a MUST clear situation because Burns had broken his stick.

1 left: Burns turns his skate in corner, passes it to himself. Pretty stuff there.

Period 2

Fantastic work by Couture and Meier to dig for the puck along the wall, get it back to Pateryn. Pateryn times his shot well there.

That was Pateryn’s first point as a Shark. I believe he’s the only player this year to have played for 3 NHL teams, impressive in a shortened, COVID-affected season. All in the West too.

Karlsson goal: Barabanov outquicked Ekman-Larsson to puck on forecheck? Actually, on second look, Ekman-Larsson does get the stick on the puck first, impressive effort by Kane to shed Hayden to win the puck.

8 in: Barabanov with solid forecheck work on Chychrun.

Keller goal: Meier doesn’t get it in, that’s an uncontested entry, unexcusable. Blichfeld again caught a step slow on the back-check.

9 left: Barabanov does good work to beat Hunt from wall to the middle of the ice. Underrated skill there, good shift from the Russian winger and his line to create some pressure for the San Jose Sharks.

8 left: Kane makes a mistake on breakout, but he gets it back.

5 left: Great read by Ferraro to come flying in, reverse the Coyotes breakout. Good energy shown there, doesn’t lead to much offense, but some puck possession. You don’t see it on the replay, but Ferraro saw this opportunity a mile away.

2 left: Barabanov skating up right wall against 3 Coyotes, manages to keep it alive into zone, leads to Kane being taken down. The Russian hasn’t wowed, but he’s made his share of small good plays. Persistent on the puck.

Actually looks like they’re using Blichfeld high slot on the PP.

Period 3

It’s Chychrun, but Korenar has got to stop that.

10 left: Behind the net, Kane to Barabanov in a tight spot, Barabanov moves it deftly. Later, after Hertl forecheck wins it to Kane by himself, Barabanov is in right place, right time for the goal.

7 left: Terrible giveaway by Karlsson. Just telegraphed to Marleau coming down gut.

Korenar has to hang on there. At this rate, San Jose Sharks fans will be begging for Jones to come back in.

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