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Patrick Marleau’s Wife Says Son Nearly Kidnapped on Vacation



San Jose Sharks, Patrick Marleau family, kidnaping attempt

Kidnapping. It is a parent’s worst nightmare and was nearly a reality for free agent San Jose Sharks forward Patrick Marleau and his family.

Marleau’s wife, Christina, used Twitter to tell the story.

The Marleau clan is close. When Pittsburgh Hockey Now covered him during his stint with the Pittsburgh Penguins, his Zoom chats included one or more of the couple’s four boys popping in to observe or participate.

According to Christina, on a family trip this week, an unnamed couple tried to coax the second of their four children, Brody, to come with them after the boy returned to the hotel pool to retrieve sunglasses. Brody is approximately 11-years-old.

A good samaritan family intervened and alerted hotel security, as well.

“Brody had gone down to the hotel pool to grab his sunglasses he had forgot,” Christina tweeted. “A woman started to follow him around, asking questions, getting closer and closer. She was soon reaching out for him, trying to get him to go with her and her partner.”

“Another family saw this happening and saved him. I owe them a thank-you I can not even describe.”

The good samaritan family was the Headlam family from Louisianna.

“When Brody called, we rushed down to him. When I saw the woman who tried to grab him at the bar, I let her know that cops had been called, hotel security was watching her, and she needed to leave,” Marleau continued. “Meanwhile, Mrs. Headlam, unbeknownst to me, was already grabbing security as well.”

Patrick Marleau has not yet retired, and there was some speculation he could sign a deal later this season. Christina did not name the location or hotel where the family was vacationing.

“Headlam family, thank you. You are angels on Earth. And for the scum of the Earth that think they can pray on children…there is a special place in hell for you. And there are good people who will stop you,” she said.

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