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UPDATED: LeBrun Says Sharks Aren’t on Dubnyk’s No-Trade List



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All aboard!

Per Friedman and Michael Russo, Ryan Donato may also be sent to the San Jose Sharks.

However, it might take some time for the train to arrive at the station. For starters, Devan Dubnyk has a 10-team no-trade list and his wife dealt with serious health issues during the season.

But there’s reason to believe this trade will happen. According to Pierre LeBrun, the Sharks have identified Dubnyk as their “top goalie target” this summer. He also clarified that San Jose is not on Dubnyk’s no-trade list.

In short, there’s a will and there’s a way. The ball appears to be in Dubnyk’s court.

So who will the San Jose Sharks ship to Minnesota? On Thursday, Michael Russo said his feeling was the “return could be a high draft pick or a prospect.” Doug Wilson came out the next day and said he “would prefer not” to trade 2020 Draft picks for a goaltender:

Wilson Spells Out What Sharks Are Looking for in Goal Next Year

Our Sheng Peng offered some trade candidates and added more context, including a full scouting report on Donato, as part of SJHN+. The NHL scout that Sheng spoke with wasn’t entirely complimentary of Donato:

What I’m Hearing About Dubnyk-Donato to San Jose…

This season, Dubnyk, 34, fell out of favor in Minnesota. He slumped to an abysmal .890 save percentage. It was Dubnyk’s sixth season in Minnesota and appears to be his last. After the season, Minnesota GM Bill Guerin bluntly told reporters he wanted more.

“I was disappointed in the goaltending this year. (Alex Stalock) had a tremendous year, and Devan had an off year. It needs to be better. That’s just the way it is. If I told you anything different, I’d be lying to you,” Guerin said on August 11th, after the Vancouver Canucks dismissed Minnesota from the NHL postseason in four games.

Dubnyk has one more season with a $4.33 million cap hit left on his six-year contract.

Through his 11-year NHL career, Dubnyk has an impressive .915 save percentage and a 247-195-52 record. The 6-foot-6 goalie has escaped the first round of the playoffs only once in his career, however, in 2014-15.

He did garner Hart Trophy votes (fourth) in 2014-15. That season, Minnesota acquired Dubnyk from Arizona and he posted a .937 save percentage and a jaw-dropping 1.78 goals against average. He also finished third in Vezina Trophy voting.

Dubnyk again finished fifth in Vezina Trophy voting in 2016-17, but he hasn’t received a Vezina vote or an All-Star nomination since.

Last season, former Wild GM Paul Fenton acquired Donato as part of the Charlie Coyle-to-Boston deal. This year, Donato had 23 points (14g, 9a) in 63 games. He’s not the smoothest skater, nor has he capitalized on his offensive potential.

Donato, 24, has played only 130 NHL games.

If majority opinion is reflected in the responses to Friedman’s original tweet, fans around the league think Minnesota is adding by subtracting.

However, the San Jose Sharks do have a need in goal. This season, starter Martin Jones continued his prolonged slump; he’s posted .896 save percentages in each of the past two seasons.

Dubnyk could be a key member of a re-imagined San Jose Sharks. Wilson believes the team’s struggles will be short-lived as Erik Karlsson returns to full health.

Wilson: “You’re about to see Erik Karlsson be one of the dominant players in the game again.”

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Sharks GM Doug Armstrong? Seriously NationalHockeyNow, fact check!

Sheng Peng

Sorry about that, I fixed it


I knew it wasn’t you who wrote that Sheng ❤️ Regardless, thanks for fixing it!

Sheng Peng

Thank you, Alicia! By the way, still waiting to hear from Winner #6.


I would be shocked if it is 1st involved in this trade.


There won’t be a first involved unless something better gets added.

Sheng Peng

I agree, I haven’t seen anywhere that’s the ask, fixed that

Jackson Edward

The Locked On guys were saying a 1st and it conjured abject incredulity in me. I too have heard nothing about a 1st going their way, but any and all redundant confirmation of that impossibility would be 100% welcome.

Sheng Peng

Russo has said his “gut feeling” is a high draft pick or a prospect. I can say what I’ve heard, JUST for Donato, is a pick or a prospect. But I don’t know specifically what MIN might want for Dubnyk. High draft pick is a bit unclear, of course, could be a 1st, 2nd or 3rd, and possibly pushed back into next year. Think I’ve said it before, my spitball GUESS is 3rd next year and a decent forward prospect, no money retained. Regarding the money, SJS seems to want Dubnyk in particular and MIN knows it. Also there could… Read more »

Jackson Edward

I was totally under the impression MIN was super close to buying DD out. They should be paying us with picks or Donato to take that dude!
I feel like my whole life has been a lie!!

Sheng Peng

I haven’t seen that they were CLOSE to buying him out. Any insiders say so? I might’ve missed it. His name has been suggested by writers. Maybe they would’ve considered buying him out if no SJS interest (or other teams). If multiple teams have interest, no need to buy out, right?

Jackson Edward

Maybe I’m a victim of falling for the rumor mill. I trust your reporting, but given the buyers’ market for goalies this offseason, I would be very sad and upset if we gave up a 1st or 2nd for a risky middle-6’er and goalie. My experience with DW so far has been he’s too generous with contracts and NTC/NMCs, but he’s awesome at winning trades. I truly hope we experience the latter this week.

david barnard

with you on this. DD couldn’t play well even with a good defense, what’s he gonna do with a bad defense?


I gave you the first Doug Armstrong at the beginning of the article but the second to close it? Who wrote this piece? A 12 year old?

Gary To

Omg the typos in this article lol I know Sheng couldn’t possible post in the middle to the night but I miss him already! The Armstrong error is just ridiculous especially when appearing more than once haha

Sheng Peng

Apologies! It’s been fixed

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