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Karlsson May Play in World Championships, Talks Post-Kane Locker Room Chemistry



Credit: San Jose Sharks

Erik Karlsson looks like he’ll be right and ready for next year.

The San Jose Sharks defenseman missed the last nine games of the season with an undisclosed lower-body injury, but he confirmed today that the injury will not require any surgery or procedure.

In fact, Karlsson is even considering going to Finland to represent Sweden at the World Championships in two weeks.

That’s great news for the Sharks, who are hoping to get first-half Erik Karlsson to start next year. Through his first 33 games, before his late January forearm surgery, Karlsson was pacing all Sharks defensemen with eight goals and 26 points.

Karlsson commented today on his season-ending injury, the change that a new GM may bring, and how Evander Kane leaving impacted the San Jose Sharks’ locker room.

Erik Karlsson, on missing the last couple weeks of the season:

It’s never fun, especially when things are not going the way that you want. That’s always the worst, to not be able to be out there and do what you can in those times, but it is what it is.

Unfortunately, we were at the end of the year and in the situation we were in, for me personally, there was no point in risking anything moving into the summer.

Karlsson, on if he can speak on what his lower-body injury is:


Karlsson, on if this lower-body injury is related to any old injuries, such as his past groin or ankle injuries:

No. It’s nothing bad. As I said, if we were in a different situation, it wouldn’t be an issue. But given where we were, for the first time in my career, I put myself first.

Karlsson, on if he plans on playing in the World Championships:

I haven’t really made that decision yet. I’ve been in contact with the coach in Sweden and the Federation. We’ll probably come to a decision here in the next week or so.

Karlsson, on what he thought of the season:

It’s been so-so. I think it’s been mediocre at best. I don’t think it’s been horrible, but I don’t think it’s been nearly as good as we expect from ourselves.

So it’s been a challenging and a tough year, but hopefully it’s the start of a process.

I hope that [this season] was a building block. I think, as I said, it was a tough year for everyone. It’s not where we want to be. I don’t think it was terrible by any means, but at the same time, we don’t want to stand here right now and answer these questions.

Karlsson, on the importance of the Sharks adding offense:

We have to score more goals.

I think, no matter what team you are, you always want to score more goals. We, unfortunately, need to if we want to get to where we want to go.

In order to do that. we have to play better hockey. We have to play in a way where we create more chances, because you’re not going to score them all, but if you only get four or five a game, then it’s going to get tough to score three-plus goals.
Scoring is up, somehow, a lot. More guys and more teams are scoring way more goals than you did in the past, so that’s just the way that the game is moving.

Karlsson, on what a new GM brings:

That type of change hasn’t happened here in a long time. I don’t really know how that will go over and how it will work, but usually, when new people come in at positions like that, things are going to change. Quite frankly, it’s going to have to change.

Karlsson, on what he would say if the new GM comes up to him and asks why Bob Boughner should be back next year:

Yeah, that’s a good question. Not something that I’m going to share with you guys.

I think that I’ve had a good relationship with the whole coaching staff all year. What’s been said between us is gonna stay between us. I’m not going to tell anyone anything different than I haven’t told him.

Karlsson, on having a longer off-season and what he’ll be working on:

A lot of things, as always. Sometimes a longer off-season can be beneficial for you.

Unfortunately, we’ve had three in a row now, which is not ideal. But again, you’re going to have enough time to really work on things, and then you just gotta make sure that you utilize that time to your best of your ability.

I’ve got a lot of time to sort a lot of things out and work on a lot of things. Hopefully come September/October, I’ll be better than ever before.

Karlsson, on the chemistry in the room after Evander Kane’s departure:

We’re not playing a sport where one guy can make it or break it for you. We’re all part of everything.

Everybody’s talking about how everything chemistry-wise is better. I don’t think that it’s full on just Kaner leaving.

I think it’s on all of us. I think we made a conscious effort this year to try and be a little bit tighter and play a little bit different for each other. That was one of our goals, and that’s one of the ones that we succeeded with. Unfortunately, it didn’t take us where we wanted to go, which is to be in the playoffs.

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Again, ya have to pay attention – this guy is not for the team. If this guy plays in the World Championship while ditching his team for “self” then that tells you everything about his so called “injury”. You see it in Bob’s face and hear it in his voice when he recently talked about the status of Karlsson. I hope the new GM sends him off to another team – sure will have to retain half his salary but there’s plenty of D-men that can play that spot and be more effective. Look at the D-men in the playoffs… Read more »


This is bar none the worst comment I’ve ever seen in my life. Dislike Karlsson all you like, but this kind of putrid, baseless, ad hominem attack is flat out disgusting. I can’t imagine how much you hate yourself to post something like this… Karlsson literally played on on groin, and tore his bad one to shreds for this team. Providing an honest assessment of the team isn’t being selfish, it’s being transparent and there are many Sharks have done in its history. It’s what captains do for the media and the teams fans. Deciding to not further injure yourself… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by Icehawk2006
Dick Bunraps

I dunno. That guy’s disdain for EK may approach obsessive, but I’ve never cared for the guy either. I don’t what it is I’m picking up about him, but I think EK is probably a bit of dick to play with, if you were to get honest player opinions on the matter (which of course you won’t for obvious reasons)..that’s just my sense from playing team sports for many years. But you’re going overboard stating one fan’s comment is an embarrassment to the fan base and blog. You can cut it out too. In this day and age of drama… Read more »


First of all I’m far from being a drama queen. I have no idea what was wrong with my comment. It’s not obsessive. I usually comment on all Sheng’s posts not just the Karlsson posts. I know Karlsson had to do an interview but the pure arrogance ticked me off. He was lying about the Workd’s anyways. They haven’t contacted him. That’s probably made him upset too.

Interesting I’ve read comments about Doug Wilson that’s more obsessive than my earlier post and never seen such responses as I’ve gotten here.

By the way I’m not a “guy”.

Dick Bunraps

I remember now one thing that completely turned off to Erik karlsson..can’t stand the guy since his comments in Mar of 2021, saying, “I didn’t sign here to go through a rebuild”. Go through what I did for 10 years in Ottawa.We need to find a way to build with the core that we have.” This dude should be self-aware enough not to make a comment like the self-centered twat that he is after hamstringing the team’s cap by wanting to be the highest paid D-man in the league…all after he knew he was damaged goods on top of that.… Read more »




Regardless of his comment karlsson is trash and the team is way better off without him


Trash? Oh boy. They sure did great without him.

david barnard

the KDS is strong in here! i’m a Karlsson fan. i think he’s shown both in OTT and here with the SJS that when there’s something to play for he’ll do it injured or not. i kinda think this phantom “injury” is BS. everyone wanted to shut him down and used the regular bumps and bruises accumulated over the season to do so conveniently. i don’t have a problem with that, really. it allowed more playing time for Merkley and Meloche in meaningless games. i think it’s a bit disdainful of the fans if EK65 does go play for another… Read more »


David I’m “older” and do not know what KDS is and never been diagnosed with such as far as I know. This is actually the first time I’ve involved myself with comments on any site regarding the team. I believe I’ve just got to the point where I’m sick of hearing how great he is and that greatness is not just in playing ability but it’s about being a team player. He’s very narcissistic I believe he is the reason Pavs left. Pavs was the type that probably would have taken less money to stay but I don’t believe he… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by KE
Anson Lytle

Every post from you is an EK hate troll. You aren’t in the locker room and have no idea what goes on in there. Let’s stop projecting a frustrating season on your least favorite player just because. EK was as productive as any D when healthy. He put in the minutes with how many different, inexperienced D partners? You want to throw +- out there?

david barnard

“KDS” is my play on the Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) thing;P it’s when someone’s lost perspective/objectivity to and extreme degree. you’re entitled to your opinion and (strong) feelings, but not to the facts. i don’t believe in censorship and strongly object to the “thought police”, but i also believe in “reading the room” and trying to get along to go along in a community (which this is). just food for thought. for what it’s worth, my take is that EK65 did not cause Pav’s departure. i’m an “old guy” too, lol! i played amateur team sports up to the JC… Read more »


I didn’t vote for trump he’s an idiot like the mayor of SJ – that will be all my political post lol As far as sports in my day I was a top athlete in the Bay Area went into the Marines and a top athlete too. I know what the “locker room” is about. The fact is that Karlsson hasn’t completed 3/4 seasons barely averages 50 games per season he has been with Sharks. Whatever happened to him in Ottawa has carried over to the Sharks. He was a locker room problem there and I believe based on watching… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by KE
david barnard

I notice because of the profession I’m in it’s not because I’m obsessed.

is that like ESP? is it a superpower? jk man! seems there’s some confirmation bias with your observations to be real. but you do you, boo.


I guess we will see Yogi 😉


By the way Sheng – good coverage of the team


EK65 reminds me of the years Teemu Selänne played for the Sharks. He was a great player before joining the Sharks and great player when he went to the Ducks. Unfortunately those years with the Sharks he made good contributions to the Sharks team but his heart did to seem to bleed teal. EK65 does has a positive impact on the Sharks but I don’t feel his heart is with this team and it would probably be best for all if he did move to another team.


I agree and I believe the coach knows this Burns made a comment about the coach stated “he knows how to handle the locker room” there isn’t anyone in that locker room that’s messing up the locker except for Karlsson.

david barnard

how convenient we forget that the guy literally tore his groin and demanded to go back out onto the ice to tear it some more. then all he did was carry the team thru the first couple of rounds of the playoffs in 18-19. btw, he also carried his team on 1 good ankle in OTT the season prior. i don’t buy these speculations on his desire to play for the Sharks. he could easily demand and get a trade if the Sharks eat some salary. they could get draft/prospect capital in exchange. however, if the Sharks want to unload… Read more »

david barnard

man, what a polarizing player he’s become! the fact of the matter is that EK65, while not the player he was, still offers a team special abilities IF he’s used properly. not all teams can afford to use him in certain situations, maximize his usage by resting him more often and protect him on the ice. he’s really not suited to this version of the SJS. there are probably a handful of teams that are. the Sharks would have to accept in return some combination of a dubious contract, mid range prospects, further out high draft picks or closer in… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by david barnard

Karlsson is fragile he can’t be hit hard. I’m sure his latest injury was caused by the opposing player sprayed some snow on Reims and Karlsson got caught in the crossfire and caused a lower body injury lol 😂

david barnard

you know there’s a reason they paired him with guys like: Dilly, Knyzho, and Midds right? it’s not his job to move big F’s out from in front of the net. that’s THOSE GUY’S job, lol!

Karl will use his stick to disrupt/takeaway/and intercept. he’s 5th in the league in takeaways at 5v5 among d-men over the last 3 seasons. he doesn’t block as much as he once did (for obvious reasons), but he still managed a decent number (158 over that time period) which is among players like Miro Heskinen, Drew Doughty, and Brandon Carlo.

david barnard

here’s the 2 highest paid d-men in their “return to form” seasons

Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 01-41-45 RAPM Charts.png
david barnard

ranked 17th at 5v5 among NHL d-men with min. 300 mins played TP/60 1.35. next best Sharks d-man Burns at 66th 1.03.


Ok but still not in the playoffs. He also only played 50 games – should be ranked higher. We beat Vegas golden bucketheads without him


So that’s Karlsson’s fault? Hertl missed a ton of tume over theast several seasons. Burns has had huge scoring droughts. Maybe he gave up after Timo’s five goal game. I agree with Daivid, you just don’t like Karlsson. The Sharks season was a result of the team, not your least favorite guy. In fact, they were clearly better with him. He performed at a 60+ point season pace. Doesn’t sound like someone sandbagging to me. Based on your posts, I think you might be worried Burnzie isn’t the clear top D man in SJ. I’m excited we have them both.


What is wrong with your attacks – because I don’t like a player and my assessment requires such hateful response. I believe he is like Kane – not a team player and narcissistic- no it’s not only his fault the team lost – players not putting the puck in the back of the net. There were a lot of games won without Karlsson. A lot of games lost with him. Now as far as Burns? Plays with injuries im sure and isn’t a narcissist- Plus Burns and I love the same group Need To Breathe. I’ve been a fan much… Read more »


Nobody is attacking you. Reread what we wrote. We simply state your assessment of Karlsson is conjecture as, unlike Kane, there is absolutely nothing to support your claims. Just a lot of “I think” or “you can see it on his face”. I’ll support your position 100% if there is some evidence to back it up. But there really isn’t. The factual numbers show the team is better with Karlsson playing than without. The lapses in his defensive play aren’t any different than Burnzie. They both have had their struggles. But you keep making Karlsson out to be the scapegoat… Read more »

david barnard

but where’s your consistency? you luv MEV (another narcissist) but despise Karl?? sorry man, not buying what you’re selling.

Rick Handel

I have to agree with the comment that the Sharks do not use EK65 to maximize his talent. I hate his contract not him. I have to agree with what EK65 has said in several interviews: the Sharks need to attack more. They are not big enough nor do they possess the mentality to really grind things out while shutting down the other team. The Sharks do not score on the rush. They enter the O zone then slow down and look for the one pass. They are not dynamic and very one dimensional. When EK65 was asked about Coaching,… Read more »

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