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Want to Hear a Funny Jamie Baker Prank?



Jamie Baker, Sharks
Credit: Trading Card Database

Chicago Wolves assistant coach Bob Nardella offered a wealth of insight about incoming San Jose Sharks assistant coach Rocky Thompson yesterday.

And he also told this amusing outtake about a Sharks fan favorite.

In 1997-98, Nardella played with Jamie Baker on the Turner Cup champion Chicago Wolves:

“We’re playing in Manitoba.

“It’s our last game before Christmas break.

“After the pre-game meal, Jamie went to the store and bought Christmas cards for everyone.

“When we got to the rink, there was a card in every stall. But he didn’t sign his name, he signed with one of the other players, a kid on our team named Paul Koch.

“He put weird sayings on every card. For Wendell Young, it said, ‘Dear Wendell, why is your name Young, but you’re so old? Merry Christmas, Paul Koch.’

“He sent a funny note to every guy on the team. But it was all from Paul Koch.

“Jamie’s a great one, he was a good teammate.”

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